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Put your brand in front of our global audience of creative professionals with our site ‘Take-Over’ package, and you’ll be our one and only sponsor for the month – keep reading for the details…

Our Audience

UI and UX designers
Front-end developers
Marketing specialists
Graphic designers
Web and mobile developers
Content creators and bloggers
IT business people

Top 10 Countries

United States
United Kingdom

Website Statistics

65,000 monthly page views
14,000 monthly unique users
02:30 mins (average time on the website)

•Based on data from 1 March – 31 March 2022

Email Statistics

10,000 weekly email subscribers
35% average open rate
4.3% average click rate

The ‘Take-Over’ Package.

We’ve designed the take-over package to give your brand maximum visibility on our site – you’ll be the only brand advertising and you’ll be on every page, ensuring your message is seen multiple times on the site alone, plus on our emails, blog features and more. We’ll even throw in some market research and bespoke illustrations for you – who else can offer you that?!

The details….

Site Take-Over

  • Ad banners – your ads will be positioned on the header and footer of every page of the Skribbl site for maximum visibility, with links.
  • Feature Article – a feature story of your choice, either written by you or us, will feature on our blog, with follow links.


  • Solus email – you’ll get one email to our database of 10,000 subscribers, solely dedicated to you.
  • Weekly email – your ad will feature in the header and footer with links, plus you’ll get a section dedicated to you. So that’s 4 more emails.
  • Lifetime visibility – your brand section will be included in 4 automated illustration download emails.


  • Mirrored distribution – all content used on emails and our blog will also be used across all our social sites (Twitter/LinkedIn and Instagram).

Added bonuses…


  • Bespoke illustrations – one of our illustrators will create 3 bespoke illustrations for your business.
  • Passion pack – alternatively, tell us what you as organisation cares about (e.g. social cause or charity) and we’ll create an illustration pack, sponsored by you, which will stay on the Skribbl site for life and generate more exposure for you long after the take-over has finished.

Market Research

  • Ask a question – As part of our monthly competition survey, which will be sponsored by you, you’ll have the option to ask a question to our audience.

If you’re interested in the package and would like to discuss it further with us, please contact Vic Holmes via the following link:

Skribbl | Limited-Issue, Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Save time and add a human touch to your projects with our collection of limited-issue, hand-drawn illustrations, brought to you by our global community of artists.

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No. of illustrations: 559

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