10 Questions With Artist, Tamara

Jun 2023
Illustrator Features
in 2 minutes
Victoria Holmes

What does it mean to you to be part of Skribbl and support human-made art?

It’s very inspiring and I am truly happy to join and co-create diversity of styles and expressions though drawing and illustrating. It’s a blessing knowing that there are people who still value the importance and uniqueness that every human-artist brings into this world.

Describe your illustration style in three words…

Childlike, intuitive, simplistic.

How did you get started in illustration… What’s your story?

I’ve always enjoyed creativity, crafts and bringing ideas to life. It’s something that fills me up and helps me to keep going. Even if people around me told me to go look for a ‘regular’ job I am super proud that I followed my heart and created a job for myself doing stuff I really love. All the ups and downs of self-employment included.

How do you approach a new illustration?

I like to take a moment to just be, connect with myself through breathing, feeling, observing, allowing. I like to notice little symbols, emotions, elements, colours, patterns, maybe words or characters and let them lead the way.

I’ve only recently truly started to accept and acknowledge the power of my intuition and inner guidance and it’s been very profound to observe how my approach changed and evolved by doing so.

What inspires you to create?

In my case, nature is by far the biggest source of inspiration to my creativity! I adore the magic it contains, fluidity it teaches us and just its healing aspects that are truly endless.

Give us a tip for generating creative ideas?

I would suggest going out into nature (even if it’s just sitting under a single tree), listening to its whispers, singing birds, gliding clouds, winds and rivers, oceans and seeing what that moves inside of you.

Tell us about your favourite illustration, or Skribbl topic to illustrate and why?

Haha, easy – anything to do with nature and things that we can find in it. Simply because I find them magnificent, extraordinary and unbelievably calming.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to a budding illustrator, or someone just getting started?

To always follow your intuition no matter what. There are of course many people and artist to be inspired by but what you bring into this world is only yours and that’s what makes your work so special and authentic.

Even if you feel stuck at times or uninspired, take a few moments, breaths or days and look for ways that feel nurturing, expanding or new (out of the comfort zone) and see what that opens up for you. Explore, try out new mediums, mix them up and allow the feelings to guide you and not the mind/head/hands only.

What does your workspace or studio say about you?

It’s (sometimes too often) very organised, clean and decluttered. I find that everything flows better when the space/desk/environment is very spacious, simple and without too much visual clutter. I keep the items close to my heart somewhere near, but otherwise everything always goes neatly back into their drawers or cute boxes.

Who is your favourite artist or an artist who inspires you?

There’s not just one soul in particular that would inspire me the most – I find it most inspiring when someone brings their work to life through feeling, being present and diving into the process of creation without holding back or thinking to much about it and those works just feel oh so ‘right’, they can talk in a away and are super magnetic to watch and admire.

Draw yourself… Can be a doodle, abstract, whatever you want!


Tamara on Skribbl

Blossom-filled Vessels – I tried to capture a playful and diverse energy of flowers and plants flourishing in all sorts of vessels and pots. Each drawing is intentionally proportional and symmetrical to spark more ideas for their usage in your captivating designs, presentations, for adding a touch of nature and botanics to your digital content and in many other creative projects.

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