Abstract Ideas

From obscene creations and shapes to absurd visions – these illustration packs depict all manner of abstract ideas.

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Monster Kids

7 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by monster kids.

Created by Yudi Irawan

​Monster Stories

6 illustrations (PNG), inspired by ​monster stories.

Created by Curvilineo

Brushing Creativity

6 illustrations (PNG), inspired by ​brushing creativity.

Created by Amita Chandekar Tiwari


10 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by visage.

Created by Samir Bensalah

Abstract AI

6 illustrations (PNG), inspired by abstract AI.

Created by Amita Chandekar Tiwari

Simple Abstract Shapes

14 illustrations (PNG), inspired by simple abstract shapes.

Created by Vrushali Pathak

Boho Pattern Two

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by boho patterns!

Created by Vrushali Pathak

A Wonderful World

10 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by a wonderful world.

Created by Hanley Watimar


14 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by Circadiana.

Created by Samir Bensalah


6 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by chimera.

Created by Bazar

Eyes Watching You

9 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by eyes watching you.

Created by Nico Lob

Digital Haze

9 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by a digital haze.

Created by Nafsi Yake

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