Nurturing New Talent

Skribbl is home to a growing community of aspiring illustrators and designers — from entry level fresh out of uni, to career changers exploring their creative passion, to those who simply love to draw!

What’s it all about?

Whilst we hand select only the best to feature on the Skribbl website, we offer a place for everyone to pursue their creative passion and learn for free via our free art classes and workshops.

We want to create a space in which everyone can learn a new artistic skill. To build a thriving community of creatives from complete beginners, to aspiring illustrators and side hustlers, to entry level designers. A place where everyone can pursue their creative passion and learn for free.

Why do we do it?

Skribbl runs its free programme of art and illustration workshops for two reasons;;

  1. The workshops are delivered by our community of creatives and expert guests.
  2. We want to open up art education to everyone, which is something that we strongly believe in.

How do we do it?

Along with our free downloadable illustration packs, you’ll also find paid-for illustration packs from our creators. Skribbl donates a percentage of this commission to fund our free arts education programme.

learn with us?

If you’re interested in attending a free Skribbl art class or workshop, register with us here and will be in touch when the next one is scheduled!

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