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Skribbl was born from our frustration in finding beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations that didn’t come with the headache of attribution. We wanted to make this possible, but we also wanted to provide career-building opportunities for our community of aspiring creatives.

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Our Founder’s Story

Hello there, we are the founders of Skribbl – Charlie and Victoria, nice to meet you!

We are both creatives too, Charlie runs a digital marketing agency (as well as Skribbl!) and Victoria works in PR, while also drawing many of the illustrations you see on Skribbl.

We both have a shared passion for creative brand storytelling, but we were often frustrated when it came to finding awesome, hand-drawn illustrations that didn’t come with the headache of attribution.

Victoria had always loved illustrating and had been secretly wanting to move into this space professionally for a long time, and Charlie loves building websites. So, after a few glasses of wine one evening during the first global lockdown, we thought why not combine our skills and create our own marketplace?

Through Skirbbl, we have created the illustration asset that we were looking for as marketers, but we’ve also made sure it is both a career-building opportunity and is financially rewarding for our community of illustrators too.

This continues to be, extremely important to us, which is why every Skribbl artist keeps 100% of their fees. Our desire is to build a useful, time-saving design asset for creative marketing and design people, but one that gives back to the illustrators too.

We’re proud of what we’ve built, and we hope you enjoy using Skribbl’s illustrations and by doing so, supporting our incredible independent artists and their work.



Hand-drawn, hand-selected

​All of our illustrations are hand-drawn by a community of aspiring creatives from around the globe. We hand-select each one to ensure the very best quality of illustration.

A Creative Community

We offer aspiring creatives a platform to promote their artwork globally, as well as the opportunity to earn paid commissions and pitch for live briefs. We are also a space for anyone with a passion for the arts and welcome them to become part of our global, creative community.

Free Art Classes

We fund a free programme of art and illustration workshops, which are delivered by our community of creatives (we pay them for their time, so they get an additional source of income). This makes art education available to everyone, which is something that we strongly believe in.

Fancy joining us?

We are primarily a platform for aspiring illustrators, typically those who are early in their creative career or who want to change paths and pursue their creative dreams. Having said that, we do not discriminate and welcome submissions from anyone – whether you are already a professional illustrator, it’s your side hustle, or you just love to draw!

We can’t guarantee we’ll use everyone’s illustrations, but we can guarantee a warm, welcoming community and lots of support.

Head to our Join Us page to find out more about becoming a Skribbl illustrator.

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Add a human touch to your next project, and support a community of independent artists, with our growing collection of high-quality illustrations.

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