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Our mission is to nurture and promote your talent, by offering you a global platform to showcase your illustrations and providing lots of opportunities to earn.

What We Offer You

Skribbl Profile

We will create a profile about you to share with our growing audience. Your profile will include a bit about you, links to your social media and email.


Having joined, you will also be able to upload paid-for illustration packs to sell to our growing audience and receive enquiries, via your profile.

Art Class Tution 

Once featured on Skribbl, you will also be given the opportunity to be paid to teach the next generation of aspiring creators on our Free Art Class programme.

What We Ask From You

To join the Skribbl community, we ask you to gift us some of your illustrations, which we will add to our free illustration database. It’s that simple.

As a side note, you are welcome to gift as many illustrations as possible. We have found that the more you gift, the more you could get back in terms of exposure, but the choice is ultimately yours.

For more information on what you need to send us, checkout our illustrator guidelines.

How Skribbl Works

We want to help you reach new audiences and to find more work. We do this by applying the freemium model (depicted here), where we give away just a few of illustrations for free, which in turn increases our exposure and opportunity to win you more paid commissions.

Sounds great, I’m sold…

Alrighty then! If you want to go ahead and join the Skribbl community, all you have to do is share your work with us below.

share your work

We are a community for everyone, and we welcome submissions from everyone, whether you’re a professional, a side hustler or you just love to draw!

Simply fill out the following form, share some examples of your work and one of our editorial team will be in touch if we can take your application forward.

For more information on what you need to send us, checkout our illustrator guidelines.

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