Business & Education

From educational themes to business trends – these illustration packs provide a unique take on current affairs affecting us all.

Social Networking

3 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by social networking.

Created by Eleanor Wright

Work From Home

9 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by working from home.

Created by Victoria Holmes


3 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by startup experiences.

Created by Eleanor Wright


13 illustrations (PNG), inspired by symbols.

Created by Victoria Holmes


8 illustrations (PNG), inspired by notes.

Created by Alpa Pitroda


15 illustrations (PNG), inspired by social media.

Created by Eleanor Wright

Sustainable Construction

12 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by sustainable construction.

Created by Eleanor Wright

Fashion & Textiles

9 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by fashion and textiles.

Created by Rhianna Fisher


9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by chemistry.

Created by Eleanor Wright


9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by tools.

Created by Pavel Petrachenka


9 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by farming and agriculture.

Created by Eleanor Wright

Cyber Stuff

8 illustrations (PNG), inspired by cyber stuff.

Created by Teresa Guido


9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by e-commerce.

Created by Crystal Jade Ramruch

Creative Learning

11 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by creative learning.

Created by Viktoriia Seliverstova

Space Education

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by space education.

Created by Victoria Holmes

Back to School

6 illustrations (PNG), inspired by going back to school.

Created by Mya Kyria Kuba-di-Vita

Streaming, Gaming & VR

12 illustrations (PNG), inspired by streaming, gaming & VR.

Created by Roger Haus

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