Holidays & Occasions

From holiday celebrations to special occasions – these illustration packs depict the fun-filled times we all enjoy.

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Halloween Costumes

6 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by halloween costumes.

Created by Nico Lob

Coming Soon 

We’re regularly adding new illustration packs to Skribbl.

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Coming Soon 

We’re regularly adding new illustration packs to Skribbl.

Want them in your inbox?

Valentine’s Day Gifts

12 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by Valentine’s Day gifts

Created by Nico Lob

Cozy Winters

6 illustrations (PNG), inspired by cozy winters.

Created by Apoorva Singh

Halloween Party

9 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by a halloween party.

Created by Nico Lob

Christmas Holidays

11 illustrations (PNG), inspired by Christmas holidays.

Created by Charles Isabirye

Love Hearts

7 illustrations (PNG), inspired by love hearts.

Created by Alex Norman

Lovely Valentine

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by a lovely valentine.

Created by Wild Little Stories

Christmas’ Little Helpers

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by Christmas’ little helpers.

Created by Parvus Artwork

New Year Celebrations

6 illustrations (PNG), inspired by New Year celebrations.

Created by Daniel Chisaba

Furry Xmas

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by furry Xmas.

Created by Lorey

Magic Christmas

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by a magical Christmas.

Created by Wild Little Stories

Christmas Friends

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by a Christmas friends.

Created by Pavel Petrachenka

Magical Hearts

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by magical hearts.

Created by Nico Lob

Valentine’s Day​

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by Valentine’s Day.

Created by Victoria Holmes


6 illustrations (PNG), inspired by Christmas.

Created by Eleanor Wright

Happy Christmas

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by a happy Christmas.

Created by Juan Castaño

Summer Holidays

12 illustrations (PNG), inspired by summer holidays.

Created by Eleanor Wright

Spooky Halloween

8 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by spooky Halloween.

Created by Viktoriia Seliverstova

Winter Festivities

6 illustrations (PNG), inspired by winter festivities.

Created by Mya Kyria Kuba-di-Vita


5 illustrations (PNG), inspired by halloween.

Created by Apoorva Singh


10 illustrations (PNG), inspired by the pumpkins.

Created by Eleanor Wright

New Year

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by New Year.

Created by Eleanor Wright

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