Nature & Environment

From environmental issues to the wonders of nature – these illustration packs offer a playful look at the world around us.

Community Garden

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by community gardening.

Created by Maraed Hope


5 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by nature.

Created by Manal Rakfaoui

Flowers & Faces

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by flowers and faces.

Created by Victoria Holmes

Autumn Season

5 illustrations (PNG), inspired by the autumn.

Created by Apoorva Singh


9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by leaves.

Created by Victoria Holmes

Funky Cacti

8 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by the funky cacti.

Created by Genny Boscardin


12 illustrations (PNG), inspired by plants.

Created by Vrushali Pathak

Moon Magic

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by moon magic.

Created by Victoria Holmes

Mindful in Nature

9 illustrations (PNG & SVG), inspired by mindfulness in nature.

Created by Victoria Holmes

Climate Change

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by climate change.

Created by Victoria Holmes

Energy & Fuel

12 illustrations (PNG), inspired by energy and fuel.

Created by Eleanor Wright


5 illustrations (PNG), inspired by gardening.

Created by Kavya M

Flowers & Hands

9 illustrations (PNG), inspired by flowers & hands.

Created by Vrushali Pathak

Cute Plants

6 illustrations (PNG), inspired by cute plants.

Created by Roger Haus

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