Stranger Than Nature

Add a little weirdness to your next nature-themed project with these peculiar illustrations that are stranger than nature!

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Price (Full Pack): $135

Quantity: 6 Illustrations

Dimensions: 3000 x 3000 px (min)

File Formats: PNG (Zip)

License: Skribbl License

The Creator

Ink Astro

Fabrizio Ferraro is a freelance illustrator and tattoo artist from Rome, Italy. He received his Master’s Degree in Architecture and eventually chose to follow his life passion for drawing, though he never dropped interest in the subject of his studies.

His artistic interests lie in combining unexpected and unlike elements to create surprising yet coherent designs. To do this, he draws inspiration from topics he’d been fascinated by since childhood on which he built his sense of aesthetics, such as nature and universe, ancient civilizations and mysticism, as well as references to fantasy, japanese and video game culture.

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