Plant Shapes

A collection of abstract plant illustrations that capture the beauty and diversity of nature. The illustrations are rendered in a minimalist style, using simple shapes and lines to create a sense of movement and energy. The pack includes a variety of plant shapes, from leaves and flowers to trees and vines. The illustrations can be used for a variety of purposes, including stationery, branding, and web design.

Pack Details

Price (Individual Illustration): $95

Price (Full Pack): $285

Dimensions: 3000 x 3000 px (min)

File Formats: PNG (Zip)

Quantity: 9 Illustrations

License: Skribbl License

The Creator

Edo Putra

Edo Putra embarked on his professional journey in the world of design, initially carving his path as a Graphic Designer. However, his insatiable curiosity and desire for growth led him to venture into the realm of Digital Product Design. Residing in vibrant and culturally rich city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Edo now finds himself working remotely as a Design Lead for Terato Tech, an award-winning IT company based in Malaysia.

Edo’s creative spirit has always been fueled by his passion for illustration, which he wholeheartedly pursued under the pseudonym ‘Hatefuel’ from 2006 to 2012. Though his focus has shifted more towards tech-forward design in past few years, Edo’s affinity for illustration remains an intrinsic part of his artistic DNA. Illustration continues to hold a special place in his heart, and his creative ventures are often infused with the artistic sensibilities cultivated throughout his illustrative journey.

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