Space Education

Part old-school education, part Space X, these illustrations depict some classics – from backpacks and books, to a pencil case and calculator, but with a space-science twist! There’s also some nice generic people-centric images, which should work nicely for education related topics.

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The Creator

Victoria Holmes

Offering a fusion of illustration, artwork and design, Victoria is inspired by nature, wildlife and culture. Her hand-drawn illustrations are filled with personality and she also offers hand painted artwork using watercolour. Each piece has a unique and playful style, and all works are produced as ethically as possible from her Devon-based studio.

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You’re free to use these illustrations for any purpose, without attribution. If you want to help Victoria (IG – @victoriaholmesart), it would be nice to give her credit by mentioning Skribbl and her work. Thank you 🙂

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