Digital Haze

A set of illustrations inspired by what has now become ubiquitous iconography in our lives. The icons have a jagged and abstract take to them freeing them from the context in which they are originally known for and ready to be used in ways originally not intended.

Pack Details

Price (Individual Illustration): $15

Price (Full Pack): $45

Dimensions: 3000 x 3000 px (min)

File Formats: PNG (Zip)

Quantity: 9 Illustrations

License: Skribbl License

The Creator

Nafsi Yake

Nafsi Yake is Anthony Muisyo and he is a designer from Nairobi, Kenya. His work is an exploration of the ineffable yet foundational substance of life; maintaining the balance between feather-light delicacy and a gleeful jaggedness, it moves between carefully premeditated understandings of love and death, fear and hope, pain and healing. Within his pieces, there is an unsparing musical nostalgia, one rendered in sharp contrast – whether between colours, or times, or realities. While he makes unrestricted use of crisp lines and cutting, vertiginously propped patterns, Muisyo’s work is softened by a sensibility of grounding in nature and the bittersweet comforts of various African cultures’ fond memories, inside jokes, and diminished histories, which lend his work a substantial familiarity, even if a haunting one.

His work has appeared on CNN, The Sociological Review, and WeTransfer.

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