10 Questions With Hanley Watimar

Oct 2023
Illustrator Features
in 4 minutes
Victoria Holmes

What does it mean to you to be part of Skribbl and support human-made art?

It’s such an honor to be part of a platform where human-made art are greatly appreciated and promoted.

Describe your illustration style in three words…

Life base, Detailed, Imaginative

How did you get started in illustration… What’s your story?

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. From cartoon characters, to what I can pick up from my imaginations and eventually applied what I learn and experienced in life into my artworks.

How do you approach a new illustration?

What I usually do is I imagine/ draw it in my head before starting. In that way everything becomes easy. Sometimes emotion and new experiences can trigger an idea for a new artwork too.

What inspires you to create?

For me I think the feeling I get in the process and the excitement of how the artwork will turn out. It’s something that I look forward every time that inspires me to create more.

Give us a tip for generating creative ideas?

You have to go out, be with nature.

Tell us about your favourite illustration, or Skribbl topic to illustrate and why?

I don’t really have like a favorite but The beach inspired illustrations, because I’m a skimboarder and every time I’m at the beach it’s always a good time.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to a budding illustrator, or someone just getting started?

Don’t be afraid to fail. Enjoy the process, make sure to get satisfaction in every illustration you do.

What does your workspace or studio say about you?

Definitely a mess. There’s a lot of unfinished drawings.

Who is your favourite artist or an artist who inspires you?

Sir Eldiardo Dela Peña, my High school teacher. He inspires and influences me in many ways. He was also the one who referred me here on Skribbl.

Draw yourself… Can be a doodle, abstract, whatever you want!

Hanley on Skribbl

A Wonderful World – A beautiful, thought-provoking set of detailed illustrations, inspired by abstract concepts from a wonderful world.

Life’s a Beach – A relaxing, sun-filled set of illustrations, inspired by concepts and scenes from a life spent at the beach.

Eye of the Beholder – A visionary, eye-catching set of illustrations, inspired by the theme of ‘Eye of the Beholder’.

Aliens & Astronauts – Embark on an extraterrestrial adventure through captivating illustrations in ‘Aliens & Astronauts’ as otherworldly beings and intrepid explorers collide in cosmic wonder.

Skulls & Bones – Unearth the macabre allure of mortality in ‘Skulls & Bones,’ a hauntingly beautiful collection of illustrations that delve into the enigmatic realms of life, death, and the ephemeral nature of existence.

Flowers & Leaves – Step into a vibrant botanical realm where nature’s elegance flourishes in ‘Flowers & Leaves,’ an enchanting pack of illustrations that celebrates the exquisite beauty and diversity of floral wonders and foliage.

Surf Life – Ride the visual waves of ‘Surf Life,’ a sun-soaked collection of illustrations that captures the spirit, passion, and endless adventure of those who dance with the sea.

A Bohemian Life – Embark on a journey through ‘A Bohemian Life,’ a whimsical collection of illustrations that encapsulate the free-spirited allure of unconventional living and artistic expression.

Mushrooms – Step into the enchanting world of ‘Mushrooms,’ a mesmerizing collection of illustrations that showcases the diverse, magical, and often mysterious realm of fungi.

A Woman’s World – Dive into the multifaceted tapestry of ‘A Woman’s World,’ a poignant collection of illustrations that celebrates the strength, beauty, and intricate layers of femininity across the ages.

Beautiful Mandalas – Lose yourself in ‘Beautiful Mandalas,’ a meditative collection of illustrations that weave intricate patterns of symmetry, spirituality, and boundless creativity.

Patterned Creatures – Embark on a visual safari with ‘Patterned Creatures,’ a vibrant collection of illustrations where the wonders of the animal kingdom meet the mesmerizing intricacies of artful designs.

Wonderful Nature – Journey through the untouched beauty of ‘Wonderful Nature,’ a breathtaking collection of illustrations that celebrate the pristine splendors and intricate marvels of our planet’s landscapes and lifeforms.

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