An Interview With Skribbl Artist, Suchi

April 2023
Illustrator Features
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Victoria Holmes

What does it mean to you to be a part of Skribbl, and helping to make art education accessible to all?

It feels great to be a part of Skribbl and see my illustrations in black & white! I am so used to adding colors, but Skribbl pushed me to do something so different.

Free art education to everyone is Skribbl’s awesome initiative to grow the community – It helps every creative person to learn some more and at the same time will inspire absolute newbies waiting to dip their hands into the world of art and illustrations.

Describe your illustration style in three words…

Colorful . Free-flowing . Tells a story .

How did you get started in illustration… What’s your story?

I formally trained in Web & Graphic Design. I headed my team as Creative Director for several years at one of UAE’s biggest web agency.

Digital illustrations was something I picked up on much later in my career – so it’s basically all self-learned and self-taught. I started off with doodling on my wacom tablet and that has led me to my happy space!

How do you approach a new illustration?

First, I listen intently to the client brief [when working on a commissioned project]. I try to pick up on the little details and the intention behind the project.

I take down notes, do my research on the WWW and sketch out several line drawings in my notebook. Finally, I transfer it all to the Adobe apps and give them colors and shapes.

When I’m drawing for myself, I straight off jump to my pen and tablet the moment an idea is sparked, lol! I experiment a lot when i draw.

What inspires you to create?

Life around me inspires me to create art. Things I see, feel, hear, read and above all the incredible human-stories around me always inspire me to draw some more!

I am very inspired by nature too.

Give us a tip for generating creative ideas?

Learn. Absorb. Enjoy the process! Creative ideas can hit you anywhere, so be ready to doodle them down and work on them. Never ever fear to experiment and go beyond the brief, especially when you are doing it for yourself.

Tell us about your favourite illustration, or Skribbl topic to illustrate and why?

My favourite is the one I drew as a prompt for Adobe’s #CreateWaves – A creative campaign to support the #OceanDecade. My art got featured on Adobe’s page too!

On Skribbl, I started off with Food & Drink and my next favourite topic is Nature & Environment. There are abundant shapes, forms and colors in nature and I would love to draw them all.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to a budding illustrator, or someone just getting started?

Study. Know your tools and apps. Learn from others and share your work freely. Experiment!

We’re so lucky to have such incredibly supportive online communities of creators, Skribbl being one of them that brings so many art styles into one space.

What does your workspace or studio say about you?

My workspace is full of quirky and colorful stuff that I keep collecting. It’s a tad messy too with innumerable post-it notes that I doodle on and add every single idea that hits me anytime, anywhere 🙂

But the best part is a large window next to my desk – So every time I need a breather, the blues & greens outdoors fill me with joy!

Who is your favourite artist or an artist who inspires you?

Lisa Congdon inspires me with her bold and colorful style of work and they are very meaningful too. I also love Salli Swindel who interprets life around her in such simple, joyful ways and puts them into her daily art.

Draw yourself… Can be a doodle, abstract, whatever you want!


Suchi on Skribbl & Instagram…

‘Healthy Vegetables’ – A delicious set of healthy vegetable illustrations, drawn in a bold, whimsical style.

‘Fresh Fruits’ – Fresh, juicy fruits illustrated in bold strokes and whimsical style.

Follow @suchi.draws

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