How to Come Up With Illustration Pack Ideas for Skribbl

November 2022
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Charlie Martin

Are you struggling to come up with an illustration pack idea? Got a touch of illustrator’s block? Well, you’re in the right place! Here’s some top tips for creating your first Skribbl pack, and at the bottom of the page you’ll find a list of topics that are most searched for on our website…

#1 What are you interested in?

You’ll have way more fun creating your pack if it’s a subject you’re passionate about. Thinking about what interests you is a good place to start. You can always challenge yourself and try something a bit different once you’ve got in your groove and created a few packs.

#2 What’s your style?

Are you an abstract artist or are you very literal? If you like sport for example, you could draw a bunch of different items that represent those sports. Or if you wanted to be more abstract, you could draw some of the emotions associated with sports – determination, strength or stamina. Both styles are welcome, and you can mix it up – we have artists who have provided literal and abstract, and both are popular. We do know that abstract is currently the most popular style.

#3 How will your illustrations be used?

When you’re creating your pack, you might want to think about where your illustrations might be used e.g. on a website, on clothing, or on packaging and posters. You might then consider whether your illustrations are simple, have lots of detail, are bold or shaded. All work and you are not limited to one or the other – this is simply giving you ideas!

File format is different, you can click here for details of the size and format we need to receive your illustrations in.

#4 Mix and Match

Skribbl illustrations can be sold as individuals or as a collection (a pack) and there is more money for you to sell as a collection. So thinking about your illustrations and how they can be used together and in combination is also a good idea. For example, if someone is designing a website, they are more likely to buy your pack as a collection if there is a range of illustrations that can be used individually or combined and mixed to create a more interesting narrative.

#5 Storytelling

Following on from the above, perhaps you can create a story with your illustrations. This can also be a story from you (as part of the bio) it gives you a chance to share a little about yourself, your interests or something that might have inspired you to create this pack of illustrations. Likewise, if you simply want to draw and leave the storytelling to us, we are happy to do this on your behalf.

#6 Don’t overthink it!

The purpose of Skirbbl is to give artists a platform to share their illustrations and ultimately sell their work, but this process should be fun and we want you to enjoy it. So we would say don’t overthink it, go with your creative flow and create whatever takes your fancy. One of the most popular packs on Skribbl is Flowers and Faces and the artist, Victoria Holmes, had no idea what she was creating at the time. She just fancied drawing some faces with flowers. No other thoughts or preparation than that! She simply enjoyed the process and drew what took her fancy that day, and the end result is a very popular pack!

More inspiration…

If that has got your creative juices going and your hand is ready to go, then go for it, but if you still need some inspiration on a theme then look at the list below. This list provides you with the most popular search terms on Skribbl, in alphabetical order.

  • Animal
  • Art
  • Baby
  • Biology
  • Book
  • Books
  • Building
  • Business
  • Camera
  • Car
  • Cat
  • City
  • Coffee
  • Computer
  • Design
  • Doctor
  • Dog
  • Earth
  • Education
  • Family
  • Finance
  • Flower
  • Food
  • Girl
  • Hand
  • Health
  • Heart
  • History
  • Home
  • House
  • Human
  • Law
  • Love
  • Man
  • Marketing
  • Medicine
  • Money
  • Movie
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Office
  • People
  • Person
  • Phone
  • Plant
  • School
  • Science
  • Sea
  • Shop
  • Space
  • Sport
  • Student
  • Study
  • Summer
  • Sun
  • Tea
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Tree
  • Water
  • Web
  • Wedding
  • Wine
  • Woman
  • Work
  • Yoga

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