Sustainable Animals

The pack is a fun and positive way to bring awareness to sustainability, free of shame and guilt, and to spread the message that we can all be part of the change, even with the smallest actions. The pack is perfect for any eco-friendly project or business that is trying to reach a larger audience in a unique way. 😊

Pack Details

Cost: Free

File Formats: PNG (Zip)

Quantity: 5 illustrations

License: Skribbl License

The Creator

Hristina Hristova

Inspired by the small things and the beauty in the world, Hristina is an illustrator hobbyist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her illustrations are whimsical and happy, most of the time including her cute little characters, and she always try to make people smile. She is also very much into all things sustainable and she loves incorporating these topics into her art. Hristina is also designing her own products and creative resources and she has her own online shop.

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You’re free to use these illustrations for any purpose, without attribution. If you want to help Hristina (IG – @hristova.drawings), it would be nice to give her credit by mentioning Skribbl and her work. Thank you 🙂

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