An Interview With Skribbl Artist, Simona Hodonova

April 2023
Illustrator Features
in 3 minutes
Victoria Holmes

What does it mean to you to be a part of Skribbl, and helping to make art education accessible to all?

I feel honoured to be part of this new idea and truly enjoyed doing this short little interview and sharing my thoughts.

I believe the world is a better place with art and creativity and I truly admire and support the great team (Charlie and Vic) at Skribbl who are not only supporting many creatives around the globe to get out there and connect with clients but also share and offer free art education and create a sense of community and welcoming environment for creatives at all stages.

Describe your illustration style in three words…

Bold, funky, texture-full 🙂

How did you get started in illustration… What’s your story?

My beginnings go View Pack: when I was three years old and got myself ‘glued’ to pencils, crayons and anything that enabled me to use my creativity and imagination. I fell in love with the freedom to bring ideas to life and make my world a colourful place.

I followed my calling and found myself on a journey to achieve another milestone, I became a student at college of arts in my home country, Slovakia, and further explored digital and analogue art techniques and developed additional skills along the way.

Because I still craved more growth as an illustrator, I started my university years and completed a graphic design and illustration course in Scotland. All those years gave me enough ingredients to use for the recipe to become a full time creative.

Confidence, creativity, knowledge and art skills helped me to go a step further and reach for my first projects as a freelance illustrator and designer. As exciting as it was, I decided to balance it out and have a creative job on the side too.

There were some bumps on the way and a couple of detours that all led me to where I’m today, so it was all worth it.

I learnt extra skills when I was a designer in marketing and editorial industries and recently landed a job as an illustrator and designer in a design studio, helping researchers and academics to bring their ideas into the visual world through visual storytelling. I still create projects as a freelance illustrator as well and love what I do. 🙂

How do you approach a new illustration?

Put on a really good playlist. Think of ideas.

Sketch, sketch, sketch, take a break, review ideas, pick the strongest sketch, one with character and humour and then dive into finalising the illustration in my signature style.

What inspires you to create?

Looking on the bright side of every situation (some days can be rainy), making people smile and supporting them in their daily life through my work.

I love seeing people light up when they see my creative work. I enjoy creating projects that lift people’s spirits and enable them to take care of themselves, help them to learn something new and appreciate the little things in life.

It’s a process of seeing the simple things in life through a lense of an illustrator with the ability to add that extra splash of colour and humour.

Give us a tip for generating creative ideas?

Be a sponge and have a life where everyday is different and full of wonders (as much as you can, little things count).

Absorb all the new things you see, when you’re travelling, when you try a new coffee shop, all the new things you learn, new books you read.

Try to notice things around you and get inspired. Don’t put pressure on yourself to remember and take everything in, your subconscious is already doing that for you without you even knowing.

Let yourself be in the moment and as long as you’re enjoying yourself, a colourful life will guarantee colourful ideas and recharged creativity.

Tell us about your favourite illustration, or Skribbl topic to illustrate and why?

Anything that includes self-care, good vibes, personal growth, wellbeing and humour.

I really enjoy illustrating topics that are close to my heart and which I like to research in my spare time.

It’s great to get out of my comfort zone too so sometimes I pick a topic that I’ve never tried before.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to a budding illustrator, or someone just getting started?

Trust the process, experiment and don’t forget to have fun!

The best ideas happen, most of the time, when you make a mistake and embrace it.

The love you put into your work always shows and shines through!

What does your workspace or studio say about you?

Creative mess! My studio space reflects a lot about my personality which is also connected to my style and how I express myself as an illustrator.

My work is energetic, expressive, playful, balanced and bold. I love to include humour in my work which I like to use in my day to day life too.

I like to have bold colours and prints in my studio space to get me in the zone to be ready and create fun ideas out of thin air.

Other essentials are good music, a spacious desk, a calendar to keep me on track and some inspirational quotes to look at while I take a break.

Who is your favourite artist or an artist who inspires you?

There are countless amazing artists who inspire me wherever I go.

Recently, I’ve been gravitating towards Henri Matisse’s collage, cut out art.

There’s something inspiring about his work, the boldness, colours and simplicity just make me feel at ease while also full of ideas and motivated.

Draw yourself… Can be a doodle, abstract, whatever you want!


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